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B-48 electric birthing bed(Type A1) only for export

The LDR room is a single room for labor, delivery, recovery, and postpartum (LDRP). The equipment of this bed is suitable for all birth and delivery processes except cesarean section and general anesthesia delivery. All single delivery rooms are designed for the entire delivery process from birth to postpartum and neonatal care, and can handle most complications. LDR bed, as the key equipment in a single room can be fully adjusted to accommodate predelivery and various delivery positions, including lithotomy, sitting, squatting, lateral, Semi-prone and Trendelenberg. Complications and operations can be performed immediately without transferring transferring patients. If transfer is needed, this wheeled LDR bed can be lifted to a stretcher height.

Overall size L2320*W990(+-10mm)
Height(Without mattress) 485~860mm(+-10mm)
Mattress platform size L2000*860*(+-10mm)
Max backrest angle 0~60 degrees
Max seat section angle 0~15 degrees
Trendelenburg angle 0~8 degrees
Max loading capacity 227kg

1. Side Rails: PP side rails, Built-in steel frame provides more secure and reliable protection, prevent patients from falling.

2.Built-in side rail controls: Controls on the side rails increase the independence of patients can operate it according to self-requirement.

3.Mattress Platform: The back section and seat plate are made of engineering plastics, which is more firm and easy to disinfect.

4.V-shaped incision mattress: There is a v-shaped opening for dirt collection and delivery.

5.Labor grips: Steel material which is shapped once, it is more firm and covered with soft foam which makes the grip feels comfortable; when not in use, it can be rotated and hidden under the bed surface to save space.

6.Foot pedal: engineering plastic cover, built-in steel frame and equipped with mechanical moving system, can adjust position at any time, flexible and reliable.

7.Leg supports : The leg supports are permanently connected to the bed to avoid misplaced components. The legt supports can be rotated and hidden under the bed to save space when they are not in use.

8.Removable foot section: high-strength alloy aluminum, it is lighter and easier to install and disassemble, height can be adjusted.

9.Instant CPR: Manual CPR allows the backrest to be restored to ensure patient safety and it is equipped with a damper to prevent an instant drop and one-handed operation.

10.Trendelenburg : The bed can be tilted back to the head side with one button operation.

11.Central locking and steering system: Centralized control of caster orientation, universal and brake functions.

12.Battery: The bed can keep working without being connected to the power supply, facilitating position adjustment and control during emergency transportation.

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