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Commitment 5 system:

Open and honest business commitment

1.Our company consciously strengthens the construction of credit standing and self-discipline, strictly abides by the law on the protection of consumers’ rights and interests, earnestly performs the obligations of business operators, proactively discloses the business commitment in good faith, ensures the quality of goods and services, and standardizes the business and service behaviors;

2.To ensure the quality of business goods, sound service system.Establish product records and cultivate social awareness and reputation;

3.We will strictly implement the systems of information disclosure and annual reports, and Improve the management of credit standing.

4.Pay attention to the construction of integrity culture to strengthen the publicity and guidance of consumer rights protection.

The establishment of social assessment and evaluation system

1.Implement the customer return visit system, the customer service department conducts regular customer return visit survey, collects customer comments and Suggestions, and establishes customer satisfaction files. If problems are found, solve them in time, and make serious rectification to relevant sales and service personnel;

2.We should consciously accept the supervision of the society and public opinion, actively listen to the opinions and Suggestions of the society, and actively carry out social evaluation and evaluation activities.

Establish product and service quality traceability system

1.Our company sells the product, USES the warehousing and the sales software management system to unify the allocation, the quality inspection step by step checks to prevent all affects the product quality the situation to occur;

2.The company has a complete after-sales service system, established the overall process of handling product quality problems, and implemented the handling mechanism of handling first and then taking responsibility.Strictly observe that all departments involved in the quality control system must file the handling situation and problem analysis in written form, and clearly divide the responsibilities to avoid the recurrence of similar problems.

Establish a procurement accountability system

1.Our company strictly controls the quality of the procurement process, and communicates the quality system and environmental system requirements of our company to the suppliers, and designates qualified suppliers to control the quality of the products from the source.

2.Supplier accountability mechanism, the establishment of a supplier supply review mechanism, factory inspection, inventory testing, product testing to reject raw materials.

Establish accountability

1.Our company designates the self-inspection mechanism, each department establishes its own supervision system, carries on the self-inspection and self-correction to the problem.

2.The after-sales team will compound and hold the relevant departments accountable for any problems that arise.

Post time: May-29-2020

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