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Advocate natural childbirth
Maternity hospitals have become more humanized, and most deliveries will be carried out with the help of family members and midwives.And,midwives have a greater chance to give full play to their potential. Natural childbirth can shorten the postpartum recovery period, reduce postpartum sequelae and promote the all-round development of children.

Procan B-48 multifunctional Delivery bed is the star product of Pukang delivery bed family, and it is a multifunctional delivery bed under the guidance of the new international delivery idea, which integrates Labor,Delivery, Postpartum Recovery, Gynecological examination (PV) and Operation. Procan  B-48 multifunctional delivery bed always pays attention to the emotional world of mother and baby, changes the delivery position to meet the two-way needs, and provides safe and comfortable experience formother, baby and nurse.



Post time: May-25-2023

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