Pukang Medical donated worth USD120,000 Medical supplies to Henan Province, China

In the past few days, the floods in Henan Province have affected the hearts of the people across the China.

Knowing the flood situation, we eagerly hope to contribute Pukang’s strength to Henan Province. 

On July 29, Pukang Medical urgently mobilized resources to donate medical beds and so on worth more than USD120,000 to help the frontline disaster area, and arrived safely on July 30.

We hope that the meager power of Pukang Medical can alleviate the problem of frontline patient admissions and help the government in flood prevention and disaster relief.

Pukang Medical is also concerned with the partners and employees in the disaster-affected area, and hereby extend our deep condolences and care to you! Pukang Medical solemnly promises to continue to mobilize technical service resources to provide service support to the affected hospitals.

Tribute to every rescue worker who fought on the front line!





Post time: Aug-02-2021

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