Three crank Manual Bed

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Model No.  A-5
Product Name Type A1 Three Function Manual Hospital Bed 
Parameter (1)Size:L2180*W1060*H600~705mm(2)back rest:0-70±2º    

(3)knee rest:0-30±2º   

Standard Configurations  One pair of H/F boards(HP-2)One pair of Aluminum alloy collapsible side rails

ABS Tuck-away crank handles (3)

I.V Pole holes (4)

Drainage Hooks (4)

Luxury dia. 125mm castors with central locking system (4)

    Features 1. Epoxy coated bed frame, with Collapsible alumnium alloy side rails, and detachable hdpe engineering plastic headboards ,
2. Three function, which can be operated by manual crank, the details is as follows:
(1)back rest:0º-70º±2º (2)knee rest:0º-35º±2º (3) high-low:high-low:500mm~705mm
3.Independent nti-bumper in four corners, there is location for IV rod in each corner
4. Four dia-125mm castors with central brakes
5. There is a drainage hook at each side

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