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Technical Parameter
Overall Length 2110mm
Overall width(Sidr rails up) 750mm
Lowest position-floor to platform 580mm
Highest position-floor to platform 905mm
Side rail height above mattress platform 360mm
Maximum backrest ≥80°
Maximum thigh rest ≥30°
Maximum TR/ATR ≥16°
Mattress size 1880mm*660mm*80mm
Maximum weight capacity 200kg

Standard configuration

1.Central brake system:  Equipped with four brake pedals on all sides of the bed make the brakes at the optimal position effectively and conveninal).Using the imported castors with high-quality bearings make the brakes more flexible and life span longer.

2.Multi-function instrument support: The instrument support can put the monitor and can also be used as a headboard to prevent accidental slippage of the patient.

3.Push Handle: Reducing the workload and preventing the injuries.

4.High quality mattress: The European standard waterproof cloth with the smooth surface of the mattress, easy to clean and not misplaced.

5.Large diameter wheel: Using the  imported 8-inch silent caster make it flexible and durable.

6.The fifth wheel: The fifth wheel can provide a smaller radius of gyration. The telescopic collapse design can slide smoothly even on the rough surface or obstacles such as the elevator sill, reducing effectively the damage caused by transport to patients.

7.Plastic coated side rails: The side rails with stainless steel column guardrail covers almost entire length of bed.

8.High-strength carbon steel structure and spray procedure: The high quality carbon steel and robot welding guarantee the mechanical strength. The spray surface treatment is easy to clean and guarantees a longer life.

9.Rapid lifting hydraulics: The imported dual-pressure lifting system can be used to quickly lift the bed or the push handle for 2 seconds in an emergency, and the bed will automatically locate the height to form a special body position for quick and timely disposal of the patient.

10.X-ray Imaging: Equipped with X-ray material bed surface and X ray cassette holder, the whole body can be x-rayed.

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